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Special Offer For Cancer & Chemo Patients


We offer a price reduction of more than 30% off our regular rates for weekly home cleaning contracts for Cancer and Chemo patients.

Cancer and chemo patients require not only clean homes, but due to being immuno-compromised, they require sanitary and disinfected homes. At New Again, we are trained to Fraser Health Authority standards and certified to clean medical offices and healthcare centres.

Hi, my name is Ryan Smith. I am the owner of New Again Cleaning & Maintenance; I am also a cancer patient.

In August 2016, at the age of 38, I was diagnosed with metastatic testicular cancer. Due to surgery and the aggressive chemotherapy treatment I was on, I was unable to work or do much around the house for number of months. Seeing our need, some family and friends hired a maid service for us. This was a such an amazing blessing as it took a big burden off of both my wife and I. We understand the struggle that cancer patients and their caregivers must endure, and we want to help those who are struggling with this disease.

Space is limited.


*Documented proof of cancer diagnosis and/or chemotherapy treatment is required to qualify for price reduction.

*30% price reduction applies only to weekly and biweekly contracts of Home Cleaning for the duration of Cancer or Chemotherapy treatment, and up to 3 months of recovery.

*30% reduction applies only to basic home cleaning services. Items noted as "Additional Charges" are not eligible for price reduction.

*No other services apply to this offer.


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