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About Our Residential Process


Whether you want simple elegance, or supremely spectacular, we can help you design the display of your dreams. Yes, we can even do the "Ditto" display if you really want it... So tell us your vision and we'll make it happen.  We can offer suggestions, or give you an entire design that you can pick and choose from.


Lights & Decorations 

Tired of having one light burn out and spending hours looking for it?  Well, let us do that!  Actually we wont have to, because we supply only the highest quality, commercial grade, LED  lights and decorations. Whatever you want: roof lights, illuminated wreaths, pathway lighting, tree lighting and more.


Don't ascend that shaky ladder!  We use ladder levelers, stabilizer bars, aerial lifts, and we have ropes and fall harnesses. Let us do the dangerous work for you.  We also have insurance and WorksafeBC coverage (WCB). New Again's employees are fully certified and trained. We ensure that your lights will be installed correctly, safely and exactly the way you want them to look for your holiday season.



Need us to come back and replace a light?  It can happen. Even though we use only the highest quality LED lights to ensure functionality, bulbs can still burn out. We provide FREE service calls for your lights within our contractual obligations.  So give us a call and we'll show up within 24 hrs to fix the issue.  If the issue falls outside of our contractual obligations, a "Call Out Fee" may be applied.

Take Down 

It's cold in January, and the last thing you want to do is climb on that frosty roof.  We will come and take down the lights in the first 2 weeks of the New Year. If you’d like to leave your display up longer, let us know and we’ll schedule your take down for the date of your choosing no later than February 10th at no extra cost.



Tired of wrapping up the lights into a tangled mess and stuffing them into a box in the attic? Once we have taken down the lights, we’ll inspect them,  perform maintenance on them , pack them into a container with your order number, and we'll have them ready for you to use again the following season. 


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