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House Washing Surrey



House Washing Service in Surrey, BC.

Soft Wash

House Washing

Your House is your largest investment, and New Again wants to help you keep it looking New Again!  A clean, well maintained property exterior will do wonders for your home’s curb appeal while increasing its value at the same time. As a professional pressure washing company, New Again offers residential service to Surrey and the surrounding areas. Low pressure washing is one of the most cost-effective and safe ways to add instant curb appeal and help maintain your property value. We can help make your property look New Again!

We use 100% Certified Green and Environmentally Safe Soaps!

Certified Green! House Wash Surrey

When it comes to House washing, we use low pressure, or what is known in the industry as Soft Washing.  

So What is Soft Washing?

Watch the videos below to get an idea of what soft washing is all about.

Why Soft Wash?  Why Not Pressure Wash My House?

Well first of all, soft washing is safer for your home, with low pressure we can't damage your home or force water into places it shouldn't be. You wouldn't use high pressure on your kids, why would you on your house?  Unless your home is made of brick or concrete, we highly recommend a soft wash! 


Second soft washing is more efficient!  Soft washing a home takes less time than pressure washing or scrubbing with a brush. 


Third, soft washing is more effective than pressure washing when house washing.  Where low quality detergents are used (or none at all) the mold and algae is not killed, it is just spread around the house and yard, where it begins to grow again. With our professional soft washing system we kill all the organic matter on the house, so you know that it is clean.


Finally soft washing is environmentally friendly, all the products in our solution are biodegradable, and we require less water than pressure washing.

When should I have my home soft washed?

Your home can be washed anytime, as long as the outside temperature is not below freezing. Most homeowners prefer to have their homes washed in the spring, summer, or fall.


How often should I have my home soft washed?

Experts recommend a full wash of your home's exterior every two years.

What does soft washing my house include? 

A house wash includes siding, soffit, gutter face, garage doors, and fascia.

How much does soft washing cost?

It is about the same as having your home professionally pressure washed, but without the risks involved with pressure washing. Every home is different, so give us a call to give you a quote.


Washing your house is a big, dirty and arduous job and someone has to do it, but thanks to New Again Cleaning Cleaning that someone doesn't have to be you.  Let us make your home look New Again!

Call us today at 1-866-442-9420

before and after of aluminum siding wash


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