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We Hang Your Lights

This option is available to select clients within our immediate service area (North Delta / Surrey Scott Road Corridor).

You have your own lights, you need a professional installer to hang them and you don't want an uninsured person hanging from your roof to do it. We are licenced, insured, and have WorksafeBC coverage.  We are certified by CLIPA in safe installation of lights and have the proper training in roof safety and equipment to do the job safely and efficiently. 

We have a minimum charge of $375 for install, and $125 for take down.

We can supply timers, clips, and custom cut extension cords for an additional fee.


Please note the following:

  1. We install "new in package" lights. We'll only install used lights only if they have been inspected for safety and functionality, and have been organized prior to our arrival - not in a tangled mess. 

  2. Lights must be the correct lights for the application (ie - C9's for roof lines, C9's and C7's for windows and garage doors, C6's and minilights for shrubs etc.)

  3. We do not provide a guarantee for this service. Should lights fall in the wind, or strands burn out, there will be a maintenance call out charged.

  4. All lights, cords, timers, clips etc. must be in a neat and orderly manner prior to our arrival. 

  5. All requests outside of the Scott Road Corridor, will incur a trip charge of $80/hr or portion thereof.


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