Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will you hang my lights?

A. No.  We only install our own commercial grade lighting.

  • Please note that over 50% of consumer grade lighting fails within the first season


Q. What makes your lights different?

A. Our  C9 and G30 lights are top of the line SMD LED with 3 SMD diodes, making them 2 times brighter than the typical cheap lights at big box stores.  Our lights are water proof making them last 3 times longer than consumer grade lights.  Our C9 and G30 bulbs are "retro fit" meaning if one burns out, it can be swapped out, without losing the entire strand.  Our lights are custom fit to your home.

Q. Do you have a minimum charge?

A. Yes. 

  • For our all inclusive lease program, which includes supply, install, maintenance, and take down, we have a minimum charge of $995.

  • Our purchase option has a minimum order $3500. 

Q. What should I expect to pay?

A. It depends on what you want.  The average residential lease is around $1500 per season. The average commercial lease is around $4000. Purchase has a minimum charge of $3500

Q. Do you offer permanent installations of your lights?

A. We do not recommend it. Permanent installation of these lights voids the warranty. 

Q. Do you offer incandescent lights?

A. No.  We do not supply incandescent lights because they require a lot of energy to run, and they break easily.

Q. Can I change the Colour of my lights?

A. Yes!  With our lease option we allow 1 free bulb colour change every 3 years. There is no option to change colour when purchasing the lights.